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Hello all
country crafts
Hello and welcome to country crafts where we can tell each other what we do, post pictures, give advice, and swap ideas, so come on folks fill the forum with the things you make or want to make.
Country crafts
walking sticks
post your pictures, your tips or any problems you might be having
weaving, be it weaving eel pots out of hazel, to weaving the old style bee hives.
duck/goose decoy carving
Again photo's of, tips on how to build etc.
Old tools
pictures of, what they do, what you use them for. The older the better
what wood, brush, do you use, do you use one yourself
Hedge laying
Hedge laying questions, answers and photos
Fly tying
Tips on how to do, new fly's, new materials
Dry stone walling
Walls or grouse butts, get your pic's on here lets see how good you are.
fur tanning
How to tan, what can you do with it after tanning, do's n dont's
leather craft
All leather craft from gloves to mugs
wood crafts
Homemade stools, bird box's, bread boards, bee hives. What do you make
Metal work
Is your hobby in metal, vanes, gates, brackets, pic's n tips get them on here
Who makes cheese at home.
Anything else
Please post here anything else in the country crafts and ill make it into a new forum.
Some for the ladies
One for the ladies (but men jump in if you feel the need)

Soap making
How to make, swap ideas
Patchwork quilts, pillows, blankets, pictures of yours, how to make.
Needle work
Anything made with a needle post here
Heres the place to spin us a yarn
Jams and pickles
Recipies passed down from old
other sites that might be of interest
other sites
interesting site
more sites
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